Articles from KICTANet 25 September 2023

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Understanding Digital Signatures: A Leap Towards Secure Online Transactions

Explore the concept of digital signatures, their benefits, and how they enhance the security of online transactions.

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[President William Ruto during the unveiling of Digital Government Services dubbed Gava Mkononi at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi.](

#KICTANet Space – The Impact of Accessibility and Equality Fellowship

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Part III The perception of disability tends to be similar across all regions. Does this call for a universal solution? Unfortunately, the universalisation of disability makes persons with disabilities be treated as a homogeneous group, regardless of the diversity of their disabilities. Angela Minayo, a Program Officer at KICTANet, whose works have mostly revolved around digital human rights, gender, cyber …

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Digital Accessibility at KICTANet

Part I The Digital Accessibility program, which started a year ago as ICT Access and Equality for Persons with Disabilities, have seen a myriad of achievements in the digital space in Kenya and beyond. Looking back, and in celebration of the program’s first anniversary, the programs team, this time around on their bi-monthly X (formerly Twitter) Space held a candid …

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[A smartphone showing a travel guide app/website for the country of Kenya – a scene of planning a holiday. Also on the table is a diary/planner and mug.](

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