2024 KIGF Call For Topics

Good morning Listers,

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KIGF) is an annual meeting that brings
together various stakeholder groups to dialogue on ICT and Internet policy.
While the discussions give soft policy outcomes, KIGF is a
knowledge-sharing platform that informs and inspires policy actors in both
the public and private sectors.

The national forum also feeds into the regional and global IGFs through a
chain of reporting and representation to the regional and global IGFs to
ensure bottom-up Internet policy development processes and a strong link
between global and local internet policies

This year’s global IGF will be held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The
global IGF theme is ‘Building our Multistakeholder Digital Future*’.* The
Kenya IGF theme is aligned to the global IGF theme and will respond to the
local context . The Forum programme may be developed in line with the
following global IGF sub-themes, but through multistakeholder dialogue,
listers can choose topics that they feel are closer to home.

1.Harnessing Innovation and balancing risks in the digital space.
2. Enhancing the digital constributio to peace,development and
3. Advancing human rights and inclusion in the digital age.
4. Improving digital governance for the Internet we want

On behalf of the local Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), we’d be
interested to hear your views on the issues and topics that are a priority
for Kenya, and you think ought to be discussed during this year’s Kenya IGF

The Kenya IGF shall be held on 27th June 2024.

Rosemary Chemutai Koech-Kimwatu
MAG Chairperson 2024