World Hearing Day Through AI Lens

Hi Listers.

There have been many ongoing conversations about AI. Today being World
Hearing Day, I’d like to highlight the conversation on how AI is enhancing
access to information in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

This write-up in our work as KICTANet ICT Access and Equality for persons
with disabilities Fellows lists the following:


AI translating sign language to text and speech.

AI Avatars that can sign (this is to supplement the shortage of sign
language translators)

AI-powered hearing aids adjust according to the environment, stream
music and sound from the phone, and detect physical activity and location.

Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

Below is the link you can read on the ways AI works as an assistive

Best Regards,

Florence Awino Ouma <>

ICT Access and Equality for Persons with Disabilities Fellow, KICTANet