When are companies going to stop blasting us with nuisance SMSs?

Good people

I’ve been very vocal about these annoying, untargeted, spray-and-pray
marketing tactics of many brands. Today I want to demonstrate why they are
annoying and have the opposite effect of what they are intended for. And
how we can do things better.

Bear with me guys as I demonstrate.

1. Pay attention to graphic No.1 below. I give this brand 3k every month.
On top of that, I pre-pay at least 4-5k a month for international calls
where WhatsApp <www.linkedin.com/company/whatsapp./> calls are
blocked and it’s too cumbersome to get on Zoom
<www.linkedin.com/company/zoom-video-communications/>, etc, on the
fly. Now see my balance of bundles (I’m not being a Luopean, just stating
facts. 😀 ). So why then would this brand be hawking to me Kshs 10 worth of
bundles every day?

2. Now pay attention to graphic No. 2 below. Why, why, are you annoying me
with these unsolicited, untargeted, spray-and-pray SMSs day in and day out?
Is there a better way?

3. You bet there is! A rudimentary, no need for AI, Marketing-for-dummies

Segment your customers. Prepaid guys with balances to kingdom come don’t
need to be sent nonsense SMSs or emails telling them to spend Kshs.10 for
500 MB of data when they are sitting on 272 GB of data. Get it?

Here are some tools to help you with this:-


Segmentation for dummies

[image: image.png]

C’mon, guys. Let’s take this to the next level. Those bulk SMS blasts are
just achieving #OKRs
other people, not you!


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