Whatsapp Privacy webinar: asanteni!


We appreciate all those who attended today\’s \’Talk to\’ webinar where the
whatsapp privacy new T&Cs were discussed the FB team comprising:

– Niamh Sweeney, Director of Policy for WhatsApp, Europe, the Middle
East and Africa (EMEA), and
– Dr Ololade Shyllon, Privacy Policy Manager, Middle East and Africa
– Mercy Ndegwa, Head of Public Policy for East and Horn of Africa, and
her team.

We are grateful to the FB team and to everyone who either raised their
concerns here on the list, and those who attended the webinar, for their
willingness to engage and for the great contributions.

Our Liz and Mwara will share the report in due course, but in the meantime,
here is how David Indenje captured the deliberations.

Explained: WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy is About Transparency:


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