Use of the TV Whitespace

Thank you, Barrack for highlighting the events around the process towards
the use of TVWS.

It would appear as the world was in haste to migrate to Digital
Broadcasting but wasn\’t quite ready to reap certain benefits consequent
upon the migration.

Having skimmed through the report you\’ve shared, it would be interesting to
hear from CA on where the country is stuck with this endeavor.

It is almost one year since CA engaged stakeholders on the issue.

What happened after that?

How much time do they need?

Is the issue impeding the use of the TVWS the geo-location database issue
or the type approval process?

Or we are simply stuck on the drafting of TVWS regulations and white spaces
devices (WSDs) specification listing?

Were the results of the tests made public or those are for CAs internal
consumption only??

Does CA have a defined timeframe for when the TVWS usage must start – the
same way migration to Digital Broadcasting was set?

On Tue, 19 Jan 2021 at 06:39, Barrack Otieno <> wrote:

> Dear Washington,
> Many thanks for your email and raising a timely query. As we wait for the
> Communications Authority to respond it is worth noting that KICTANet had a
> series of engagements that culminated in a Webinar to discuss the countries
> preparedness to utilize TV White Space. The meeting report can be accessed
> via this link .
> <>
> In a nutshell, a number of tests were done in partnership with Strathmore
> University and Mawingu Networks. Focus appears to be on type approval of
> equipment that will be accessing the TV Whitespace Database whose
> management is key in ensuring interference on other channels will be
> minimised and proper utilization of the resource. We look forward to
> greater engagement on the topic in 2021 through the KICTANet Community
> Networks lead @Mwendwa Kivuva <>
> Thank you
> Best Regards
> On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 8:37 PM Odhiambo Washington via kictanet <
>> wrote:
>> Hello Listers,
>> So interestingly (or sadly) the TV whitespace that was freed with the
>> migration to digital broadcasting is NOT in use as CA is still
>> pussy-footing on the grant of licenses. Mawingu Technologies was granted a
>> temporary license to test Internet provision using the TV whitespace, but
>> that lapsed and now they are using the 5GHz spectrum and Fiber to provide
>> connectivity.
>> I heard this today from a reliable source when I was discussing
>> connectivity to some remote place in Laikipia.
>> Does anyone know if things are \”different on the ground\” than my
>> allegation??
>> CA – any comment on this?
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