Dear Listers. The above refers.

So the Kenya government has been negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with
the U.S. Government. below is the high-level Vision for the #FTA

*To conclude an agreement with Kenya that can serve as a model for
additional agreements in Africa, leading to a network of agreements that
contribute to Africa’s regional integration objectives. In addition, the
goal is to conclude an agreement that builds on the objectives of #AGOA
will serve as an enduring foundation to expand U.S -Africa trade and
investment across the continent.*

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)
<> in
its wisdom chose a number of companies to be in the consortium of the
US-Kenya FTA negotiations/conversations.

Now…Is it just me or don\’t I understand International Trade? Someone,
please explain to me why in that group of companies you have 9 American
companies on the list? Including IBM <>
, The Coca-Cola Company
<>, and Citi

This is like scoring an own goal before starting the game! Or am I wrong?
Please explain to me the rationale?

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