Ali, listers. Please remember that \”Trade Agreements\” are about \”self-interest\” of those initiating the process. They are not primarily intended to help developing countries. In our current situation, the other party has long experience in that field, including NAFTA(Mexico, US, Canada) in 1994.For a general brief on this subject, please read Chapter 3,\”Making Trade Fair\”, of the book – Making Globalization Work, by Prof. Stiglitz, who won Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001.
Regarding our strategy, I would say the following. \”A country is not a big company\”, according to Prof. Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner in economics. He further adds\” The skills learned in business are not useful while formulating economic policy. Even the best businessmen are often very poor in formulating economic policy. Business is about self interest while economic policy is about National Interest. It would therefore be naive to let private interests lead or even dominate national interest matters. They\’re good at what they do but lack competence in matters of public policy. 
John Kariuki   
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