TV signals turned off

@Kiama, a point of correction. The longest switch off in 2015 was
actually self imposed by the big media houses in protest (or should I
say they kicked a tantrum) over the dispute of the digital migration
dispute. See one of the many articles at the time:
Kenyan TV channels off air after digital migration

@ Dorcas, in as much as the content of news is dominated by politics,
there is also lots of great development content. Blame it on our
environment which is dominated by politics.  Look at the issues we
agitate for: electricity/blackouts, clean and enough water, food…all
these are political issues. @ Kiama points out these concerns
clearly.  And in his contribution yesterday, @Wakaba did bring out
(maybe he was subtle) the \’other\’ role that the media has. Infact,
local productions have huge audience following. And now as innocent
audiences, we are now the \’grass\’ that has to suffer.  There must be
alternate ways of solving the impasse without dragging innocent
audiences into this! And a shut down is harsh!

@Wambui, great insight. We forgot that  the FoI became an Act in
2016. I like the fact that you outlined the process of requesting
information from the State. This provides a great opportunity for the
affected media houses to test it. @ Wakaba, will you guys do it? 

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Githaiga, Grace

On Thursday, 01-02-2018 at 09:50 Mutemi wa Kiama via kictanet wrote:


Don\’t report politics? Don\’t report corruption, mismanagement, theft
of public resources, abuse of office? Don\’t report LIFE in Kenya is
what you are saying. You want to stay in your ignorance perch and
enjoy your comfort zones. Thing is, you won\’t know what hits you when
it crumbles.

#LestWeForget: When local TV stations were arbitrary switched off
during digital migration, notwithstanding that the global deadline was
over a year away providing room for negotiation & structured
migration, the CS in charge of information/ICT was… drum roll…
incidentally, one Fred Matiang\’i!!! YaHoo!

Let\’s keep feeding the pet python by doing nothing, after all, we are
not media. No way internet can be shut down surely!

Ni mimi,

Edwin Kiama

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