TV signals turned off


Don\’t hold your breath…

I\’m a very optimistic person and hence I believe that this country
continues to stress test its new constitution. We shall prevail as a

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On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 12:53 PM, Wambui Wambui <>

> Peter, I agree with Ali that your stories should go on. But sadly, your
> experience illustrates what a large shadow has been cast by yesterday\’s
> shutdown. To stretch the analogy, the cold feet developed by your two
> sources shows the chilling effect government censorship has on the media\’s
> work. Ironically, your fears are related to sources that would probably
> provide a positive perspective to government work.
> I was also struck by the fact that the shutdown focused on analogue
> platforms, when we have tended to presume that it is digital platforms –
> e.g. the Internet – that are the likely target. That some of those signals
> are yet to be restored is of even greater interest, assuming that at this
> point this is not just a technical problem.
> On yesterday\’s shutdown, is this an instance where the state should avail
> information – as provided for under the Freedom of Information Act (2016)?
> Section 5a (iii) of the act states: \” Disclosure of information by public
> entities (1) Subject to section 6, a public entity shall— (a) facilitate
> access to information held by such entity and which information may include
> — (i) the particulars of its organization, functions and duties; (ii) the
> powers and duties of its officers and employees; (iii) the procedure
> followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision
> and accountability?\”
> Wambui
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