TV signals turned off

A good and insightful read Wangari.

The rising power of Facebook, Google and Twitter and their opportunistic
business models.

I can directly correlate the challenges that the world media is facing to
these corporations. They have basically invalidated the current media
company model in such a way that they sell content that they do not produce
themselves and to sweeten the deal further – they do not have to pay for
any operator licenses.They need to be classified as media companies – at
the very least.

​That is why you see our media here being so desperate to the point that
they almost have no choice but to cooperate with the government because it
is the biggest source of their revenue​.

Next in line to be cannibalized is the Telecom industry bu this is a
discussion for another day.

On another note, it is shameful for Kenya to be mentioned with the below
countries, and in such a context. Does anyone have specific information on
what the Soros foundation is doing in Kenya.

> ​That leaves the local battlegrounds in Africa, the Middle East and
> Central Asia. My foundations are actively engaged in all of them. We are
> particularly focused on Africa, where would-be dictators in Kenya, Zimbabwe
> and the Democratic Republic of Congo have perpetrated electoral fraud on an
> unprecedented scale and citizens are literally risking their lives to
> resist the slide into dictatorship.​



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