TV signals turned off

Kevin and all

I won\’t dwell on the tribal or ethnic part of this issue. Let\’s rather
address the illegality and unprecedented nature of what is going on right


Why? Is it because of a technical issue? Or was it a deliberate attempt to
muzzle free speech and expression.

I understand some goons even went to a particular ISP and tried to block
certain IP addresses.

This level of intimidation and muzzling of the press is unprecedented. Any
Kenyan of sound mind and body will be against it. Irrespective of the
political divide.

Not even in the darkest days of the KANU Dictatorship has the press been
treated in such a cavalier manner while the supposedly \’friendly\’ press
continue with their business as usual. As I write this Citizen, NTV and KTN
News are still dark. The rest are operating. WHY?

One day someone will be held responsible for this. Impunity cannot last

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