Trolls exploit Zoom privacy settings as app gains popularity


In the wake of covid 19, many organizations had to ask workers to operate
from home. And to keep tabs on work being performed by employees from home,
many organizations have embraced zoom meetings. In fact, Zoom has become so
popular in the last two weeks. But are you aware that the default settings
of the service are configured in the expectation of trust between

This means that trolls can wreak havoc. Some zoombombers have used the
screen sharing feature to broadcast pornography and violent imagery.
Further, security experts have noted the file transfer feature that is
switched on by default could be used to spread malware.

More info:

And in a related article \”*Zoom\’s privacy policy isn\’t explicit about the
data transfer to Facebook at all*\”, it is reported that the Zoom app *notifies
Facebook* when the user opens the app, details on the user\’s device such as
the model, the time zone and city they are connecting from. In addition,
which phone carrier they are using, *and a unique advertiser identifier
created* by the user\’s device. This can be used by companies to target a
user with advertisements. Read more:

For those hosting large, public group meetings, it is recommended that
hosts change their settings so that only the host can share their screen.



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