To save CA from bullies, restore its autonomy and independence

Joseph McDonald.

Your sentiments are the most pessimistic that I have read in a while.

So basically governments work in a certain way and that is that? You are
saying that we cannot make any meaningful contribution towards improving
the current situation? What is the point of this forum and all the work
that many here and elsewhere are putting in towards reforms? Be informed
that this in not just some academic/theoretical exercise that we are
undertaking here.

And also do not just throw general accusations here as if this is a village
market. Who will doctor the report? And whose interests are meant to be
served by the office of the CA DG? Are you also alleging that all the
officials in Public Office today were not appointed based on their merit
but to serve the interests of certain individuals? Can you give specific
names instead of dishonouring all?

What are you as an informed citizen doing to raise awareness and possibly
drive the required changes?

If you have no point to make then it is best to wait till otherwise.



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