The Kenya Information and Communication (Amendment) Bill, 2019 – No. 61 of 2019 (Malulu Injendi Bill)

what\’s the definition of a group… anything of 2 or more? does it matter if a group only exists for a few days? 20m + Kenyans online, I\’m guessing about 100m groups (not double counting) to register!
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What if we just ask someone who\’s not resident in Kenya to start a Whatsapp group and be the solo admin? Will CA still need to clear them?
Oh, and what if we decide to use a Telegram group or Microsoft Teams or Skype or Microsoft Kaizala ?? Those too will require clearance by CA?

Salim, please clarify why clearance is essential?
Like meeting over coffee now requires clearance?

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Dear All,

I think this clearance for Group Admins is very essential.

We approve too much unjustifiable info to the society.


Salim Ali

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> Listers,
> Reference an article on Standard today (24th September 2019) titled \”Facebook, WhatsApp groups admins to seek CA clearance\” attached is the said bill.
> Whilst agreeably we need to regulate the social media inline with Internet Governance; the essence of this bill is both BACKWARD and OPPRESSIVE for lack of stronger terms to use.
> Having said that, it is imperative that we go through this with a tooth comb and point it\’s flaws and suggest better ways – a better way is definitely there. On this note, I think it is high time that we started looking at issue and put up measures before we get hit by such bills and start fire fighting.
> Let\’s roll up our sleeves.
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