You explained that KENIC is run on a PPP model but from the website, it is
run more like a private entity.
Perhaps there are good reasons why for example CEOs are kicked out every so
often but without transparency, we can only speculate.
A starting point would be to publish minutes of board meetings plus other
important corporate reports so that the public can be informed.
And on the issue of board composition, we would have a more meaningful
discussion if we knew how board seats are arrived at. Is it a space for
registrars only or should we imagine it as a public resource where there
should be representation of public interest as well as users?

Il giorno gio 4 ott 2018 alle ore 08:18 Mwendwa Kivuva via kictanet <> ha scritto:

> The debate on revitalising KENIC will seek to tackle the following :
> 1. Governance Issues
> 2. Public /Stakeholder Engagements
> 3. Operational Issues
> Today Day1, we will seek to address the Governance issues.
> There is no restriction to debate the other two issues, or any other issue
> you feel is important, although we will strive to answer the other two
> issues tomorrow.
> How is the board currently constituted?
> KENIC was licensed by CA in 2015 to manage the .ke namespace following
> gazzettement of new Information and Communication Regulations. Currently.
> The KENIC board comprises members from Kenya Education Network (KENET),
> Domain Registrars Association of Kenya (DRAKE), ICT Authority (ICTA), and
> Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK). There are associate
> directors comprising the immediate past Chairman of the board, and some
> three other organisations (Google, KO Associates, and ICEA Lion). More
> clarification on the current board is needed since their website is blank
> on this. The KENIC page on the board was last updated in 2014
> Questions that come to mind at this point are
> a) Is a review of the governance structure at KENIC due? How would that
> structure look like?
> b) Which Organisations should nominate Directors? Which stakeholder groups
> should be involved?
> c) What are the term limits for Directors?
> d) How should the Chairperson of the board be selected?
> Additional questions are welcomed, as we get suggestions from the wider
> community on the best way to manage our .ke registry.
> Take it away.
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