The European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)

Last  Friday May 25,2018, The European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) came into effect heralding a new data and privacy protection regime which require large-scale privacy changes across organizations.There are new protocols for handling and storing private data and also sharing it with third parties. GDPR will not only impact Kenya IT industry but also all companies conducting business in Europe and handling private data of EU citizens. Even State agencies dealing with EU citizens and handling their personal data are not exempt.
So why are listers so silent about this matter which  has the potential to profoundly affect not only  the sector but also the country in general?Who will help companies to be GDPR compliant by investing in solutions and services to help customers with GDPR compliance?Who will develop privacy policies,procedures and compliance programmes?Who will equip employees with skills to handle data privacy issues?

John Kariuki

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