The European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)


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Subject: Re: [kictanet] The European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)

Hi all,

Jack, please see attached. As Eng. Obam states, we should go further and consider the Kenyan context specifically and how to improve our own data protection landscape. For organisations offering services in the EU, or sharing personal data with EU businesses, it will be important to engage with data privacy specialists to ensure compliance, and maintain standards that will allow European businesses to continue engaging with them. Until we have a data protection law in force, this will be done at an organisational level, based on the level of exposure.

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Dear Listers,

GDPR, the implications that could be associated, it requires a lot of change in handling of personal data and being able the option to any of the users delete their data especially when deal with a company or an individual European Union. Further if there is non compliance the fines are at a starting of €20m plus.


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I agree with Eng. Kariuki , the implications of GDPR are immense. The discussions ought to match the gravity of the impact of GDPR. E.g. What do we, as Kenya, have to do not to be negatively affected by the European regulations.?

I know we don’t have privacy and personal data protection legislation.


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Could you have a copy of the paper by Juliet Wangui on how GDPR will affect African countries? Could you recirculate it?

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Jack Maina

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Hi bwana Kariuki,

The GDPR conversation has been going on on this list for a couple of
months. If you check the archives, you will even find a paper by
Juliet Wangui on how GDPR will affect African countries. I am also
happy to note that companies such as Kenya Airways and Elewana
collections have taken steps to comply with GDPR requirements such as
appointment of Data Protection officers and revision of their privacy
policies. I am sure there are many others that might have done so
without much fanfare.


On 5/28/18, John Kariuki via kictanet <<>> wrote:
> Last Friday May 25,2018, The European Union General Data Protection
> Regulation(GDPR) came into effect heralding a new data and privacy
> protection regime which require large-scale privacy changes across
> organizations.There are new protocols for handling and storing private data
> and also sharing it with third parties. GDPR will not only impact Kenya IT
> industry but also all companies conducting business in Europe and handling
> private data of EU citizens. Even State agencies dealing with EU citizens
> and handling their personal data are not exempt.
> So why are listers so silent about this matter which has the potential to
> profoundly affect not only the sector but also the country in general?Who
> will help companies to be GDPR compliant by investing in solutions and
> services to help customers with GDPR compliance?Who will develop privacy
> policies,procedures and compliance programmes?Who will equip employees with
> skills to handle data privacy issues?
> John Kariuki