The Elephant in Africa\’s startup Ecosystem\’s living room

Ali, I don\’t understand your rant because you are agreeing with the writer
100%, that
1. Money is tribal
2. That local investors need to start investing in the Silicon Savannah.

What he has failed to quantify is the investments that is done by local
families, friends, and fools to keep local start-ups afloat. It might not
be considerable, but that is all they have.

My view would be for the tech scene to encourage, and show value
proposition to contrarian investors on why they need to invest locally. My
take is conservative investors will still continue investing how they know
best, and where their funds are deemed safe. The Oracle of Omaha will
continue investigate in Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Heinz, Wells Fargo, among
other proven ventures, and will jump into the next big thing only after the
word \”next\” has moved on to the next big thing

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