Tech Solutions for Covid-19

Good Morning Liz,

I see an opportunity for Open Data to boost transparency+future
preparedness, e.g. a portal/site where Kenyans and interested parties can
track progress on;

a) Donations received and their allocations (Monetary + in-kind) e.g. World
Bank has already given $50M, Danish Government $3.2M
b) Medical supplies (produced + donated) and their allocations
c) Average spending per patient until recovery in different hospitals
across the country – might inform future preparedness

Basically, trying to capture as much data as we can and learn from this

Hoping to hear what other listers think, especially those in open data.

Stephen Machua

On Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 12:59 AM Liz Orembo via kictanet <> wrote:

> Good morning listers,
> The senate has established an ad-hoc committee that will oversee the
> responses of the national and county governments to the covid 19 pandemic.
> The committee has issued a call for submissions on the following themes.
> 1. *Health *- includes community health, testing centers, mental
> health, role and engagement of county governments.
> 2. *Economic and Finance Issues – *Includes macro economic effects,
> measures that the government can take to cushion SMEs and borrowers.
> 3. *Social, Public order and Human Rights – * Includes protection of
> vulnerable groups, and enforcement of curfews
> 4. *Access to Food, Water and other basic commodities *Includes
> measures to support continuous production and supply of essential services
> at affordable prices. Food, water etc
> 5. *Support services and cross cutting issues – *Includes awareness
> creation, how to combat stigmatization and network access across the
> country.
> Listers, what are your views? How can ICTs help in these 5 areas? and how
> can the government improve its communication and network connectivity
> across the country?
> Please find attached the call for public participation with more details.
> The deadline for submission is 8th April.
> —
> Best regards.
> Liz.
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