Talk to the Senate- 2017/2022 Priorities

Dear Listers


Kindly allow me to t briefly interrupt you from the turning off of TV
signals debate, to make a short announcement.

As you are aware, the role of the Senate is to represent the counties,
serve, and protect the interests of the counties and their

The Senate Committee is currently developing its agenda and is keen on
interacting with various players in the ICT community. Of interest to
the Committee, is what needs to be done or prioritised in relation to
ICT and the counties. This can range from issues of infrastructure,
problem with implementation of legislation, acts that need revision,
resources etc.

In light of this, KICTANet recently called on the the Senate Committee
on ICT leadership. To this end, we are honoured to have Sen. Abshiro
Halake, the vice-chair of the Committee on the list.

Therefore, we propose to hold a structured discussion over three(3)
days on this list, starting on (Monday February 5th to Wednesday
February 7th February 2018- next week). The aim will be to propose
priorities that the ICT Senate Committee should include in their
agenda to spur economic and social growth.

Mercy Mutemi will moderate the discussion.

The questions for discussionwill fall under the following broad
thematic areas:

a) What are the key ICT issues(challenges and opportunities) in the
Counties that require the attention of the Senate?

b) What are the ICT issues that need legislative intervention by the
Senate Committee (E.g. proposals for a new law or a law that needs

c) What can the SenateCommittee do to strengthen its engagement with
the ICT community on ICT law and policy?

A report will be prepared from the suggestions given here on the list
and shared with the Senate ICT Committee. We will also agree with
Senator Abshiro on a future date for a face to face meeting.

KICTANet has been at theforefront in pushing for effective public
participation in policy making. Now that we have the opportunity to
speak to legislators, we must heed the call and participate!

Asanteni sana. And looking forward to a stimulating discussion as has
been demonstrated on the list recently.

Best regards

Githaiga, Grace

Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
Tel: 254722701495
Skype: gracegithaiga
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\”Change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged
and come together to demand it. I am asking you to believe. Not in my
ability to bring about change – but in yours\”—Barrack Obama.

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