Talk to the Senate- 2017/2022 Priorities

Dear Grace, DearAll,

Grace, thank you very much for your message and for taking forward our discussions regarding the Senate ICT Committee engagement with stakeholders.

KICTANet list members, please allow me to introduce myself to those of you that I haven’t met. As Grace already mentioned, my Name is Abshiro Halake, Nominated Senator from Isiolo County and Vice Chairperson of the Senate ICT Committee.

On behalf of the Senate ICT Committee and our Committee Chairman Senator Moi, I am very pleased to be engaging with you at this time as we develop our committee’s business agenda and priorities. As a committee, we are very keen to to align our work to the real needs and issues as well as to the opportunities that have real potential for positive impact for our country, counties and our people.

Of course we will consult widely with diverse stakeholders, but having met with some of you, and having followed some of the discussions on the KICTANET forum, I cannot think of a better place to start than with yourselves.

I look forward to “listening”, learning, interacting and converting some of these lessons and ideas into some strategic legislative and policy initiatives for our committee’s work.

Thank you all and kind regards,

Senator Abshiro Halake
Vice Chairperson
Senate ICT Committee

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