#SwitchTOAirtel and #LoseWhatYouPayFor


Picture this…
You go to your favourite supermarket, BUY a packet of milk PAY for it then
you realise you actually need more and you go back inside get a carton of
milk and pay for it. As you now pack onto your trolley, the cashier picks
the packet you earlier bought and tells you OUR POLICY IS THAT you only
retain the 1 packet if you buy 1 packet, now that you bought a carton we
have to take the 1 packet you earlier bought! OUTRAGEOUS don\’t you think?

This is What AIRTEL ACTUALLY DOES! I have been on UNLIMINET 1000 for ages,
had accumulated 30+GBs of data and due to my increased usage of calls
decided to upgrade to UNLIMINET 2000. PAP all the 30+ GB were CONFISCATED
as POLICY HAS IT that you only carry forward GBs on the same tariff! Mind
you I HAD BOUGHT and accumulated the 30+ GBs…
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Airtel should be honest and state *#SwitchTOAirtel and #LoseWhatYouPayFor*

Telcos are getting out of hand! First it was SAFARICOM repossessing numbers
now its Airtel taking what is NOT theirs, once one has bought something
that thing is NO LONGER the sellers but its ownership has moved to the

So very disappointed in AIRTEL, I used to believe they *WERE *the honest
network (past tense!)!


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