#SwitchTOAirtel and #LoseWhatYouPayFor

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> Listers,
> Picture this…
> You go to your favourite supermarket, BUY a packet of milk PAY for it then
> you realise you actually need more and you go back inside get a carton of
> milk and pay for it. As you now pack onto your trolley, the cashier picks
> the packet you earlier bought and tells you OUR POLICY IS THAT you only
> retain the 1 packet if you buy 1 packet, now that you bought a carton we
> have to take the 1 packet you earlier bought! OUTRAGEOUS don\’t you think?
> This is What AIRTEL ACTUALLY DOES! I have been on UNLIMINET 1000 for ages,
> had accumulated 30+GBs of data and due to my increased usage of calls
> decided to upgrade to UNLIMINET 2000. PAP all the 30+ GB were CONFISCATED
> as POLICY HAS IT that you only carry forward GBs on the same tariff! Mind
> you I HAD BOUGHT and accumulated the 30+ GBs…
> [image: Capture.PNG]
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FWfetpm_V0
> Airtel should be honest and state *#SwitchTOAirtel and #LoseWhatYouPayFor*
> Telcos are getting out of hand! First it was SAFARICOM
> repossessing numbers now its Airtel taking what is NOT theirs, once one has
> bought something that thing is NO LONGER the sellers but its ownership has
> moved to the buyer!
> So very disappointed in AIRTEL, I used to believe they *WERE *the honest
> network (past tense!)!
> Twahir

Your analogy is only correct until the point where the T&Cs are brought to
the table.
So, according to me, the problem here is simple – you did NOT read their
Even Safaricom used to do this with some bundle that they had and TBH, I
don\’t remember anyone complaining about it.

Now we just need to find out if Telkom and JTL are the exceptions in this
saga. I highly doubt it.

When you _CHANGE_ a tariff, it only makes sense that you want your new
service level to adhere to the new tariff, not to the old and the new – the
old ceases, the new takes over.