Sh4.7 billion health data technology in limbo

According to Business Daily today, it is because of this HCIT project that KNH cancelled their recent IT tender, even though it is not clear that the HCIT project is going ahead.

On another note the KNH tender document was almost impossible for anyone to deliver on, was too ambitious and almost unachievable. If such a system could do everything they wanted it would arguably be very (too) expensive!


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Health care is a devolved function in Kenya. However, certain health service remain the role of the national government and these include; health policy, financing, national referral hospitals, quality assurance and standards, health information, communication and technology, national public health laboratories, public-private partnerships, monitoring and evaluation, planning and budgeting for national health service and maintenance of services provided by Kenya Medical Supplies Agency, National hospital Insurance Fund, Kenya Medical Training College and Kenya Medical Research Institute.

In the devolved government, the Kenya Health Policy 2014-2030<…>provides guidance to the health sector in terms of identifying and outlining the requisite activities in achieving the government’s health goals.

It provides an institutional framework and structure that specifies the new institutional and management arrangements required under the devolved system.

It also acknowledges the need for new governance and management arrangements at both levels of government and outlines governance objectives as delivery of efficient, cost effective and equitable health services, devolution of health service delivery, administration and management to the community level, stakeholder participation and accountability in health service delivery.

However, it has proven difficult to smoothly devolve these functions.

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And isn\’t health supposed to be a devolved function?

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It would be interesting for us to understand this project. In light of the fact that we have NOFBI in place what are the components of this project? i also think the project requires a data protection framework since it will be dealing with Health information which is really personal. My question is has the ministry of ICT or ICTA been involved in any way to shed some light on the project.

I don\’t think this kind of project should just be left to the Ministry of Health, no wonder based on the article the contractor is facing many challenges that should have been taken care of during the System Analysis and Design process.

My two cents

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Trending story that raises among other questions: health data without data protection laws; the status and utility of NOFBI and of course, public spending.

A local IT firm is on the spot over delayed implementation of the country’s Healthcare Information Technology system, 10 months after it was awarded the contract at a cost of Sh4.7billion.
Seven Seas Technologies is unable to explain their inability to complete a multi-billion shilling project that sought to centralise data centre at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) to senior officials at the Ministry of Health.
Senior ministry officials have downplayed the matter, although medics at the radiology department decry work inefficiencies occasioned by system installation delays.
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