[Security Forum] ict practitioners bill is back

To me, the bill seeks to achieve two objectives:

1) Create a walled garden around public procurements (Little one can do to
private entities without messing with the bill of rights) around a certain
clique of individuals. My thinking, exact same reasoning behind the
Engineers Registration Board rent seeking by charging a percentage of
Electricity and Fuel sold in this country, which I think is the reason
Kenya stopped manufacturing even spoons and toothpicks.

2) Formal education in ICT / Computer science has proven to be redundant.
Other than the papers, there is little, a Computer Science graduate might
have to offer compared to a passionate Fine Arts student who happened to
love programming in lots of industries considered tech companies.

Let the bring on the bill, Mainstream IT will just go dark.

Its one of the many disappointments CS Mucheru has birthed in the recent

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