Save the date: Let\’s Encrypt Automation tutorial – 22nd July 2021 – 3PM EAT


On behalf of the Kenya Networks Operators Group Programme Commitee you are
invited to the next tutorial whose details are as follows:


Please see details of the next tutorial below:

With Let\’s Encrypt offering free TLS certificates to anyone who can prove
control over a hostname, there is simply no excuse not to deploy TLS
everywhere. Encrypt all the things! However, Let\’s Encrypt certificates
have only a short validity window of 90 days, after which they must be
renewed. This presentation highlights some tooling that can automate these
regular renewals, ensuring certificates stay valid without need for a human

The tutorial will be lead by Philip Paeps – an independent consultant and
contractor. Philip is a FreeBSD committer contributing mainly to the kernel
and a member of the FreeBSD security team:
Tue 2:08pm

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