Samsung Users Can\’t Delete Facebook, making it crapware to users who don\’t need it

Facebook has inked an unknown number of agreements with Android smartphone
makers, mobile carriers and OSes around the world to not only pre-load
Facebook’s eponymous app on hardware but render the software *undeleteable*;
a permanent feature of your device, whether you like how the company’s app
can track your every move and digital action or not.

Bloomberg spoke to a U.S. owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8 who, after reading
forum discussions about Samsung devices, found his own pre-loaded Facebook
app could not be removed. It
could only be “disabled,” with no explanation available to him as to what
exactly that meant.

The Galaxy S8 retailed for $725+ when it went on sale in the U.S. two years


A Facebook spokesperson told Bloomberg that a disabled permanent app
doesn’t continue collecting data or sending information back to the
company, but declined to specify exactly how many such pre-install deals
Facebook has globally.

Samsung told the news organization it provides a pre-installed Facebook app
on “selected models” with options to disable it, adding that once disabled,
the app is no longer running.

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