Safer Internet Day: Join KICTANet in Building a Safe Digital World

Dear Listers,

KICTANET celebrates Safer Internet Day (SID), a global initiative
advocating for a safer and more secure internet for all, especially
children and young adults. Launched in 2004 under the EU’s Safe Borders
project, it has grown immensely, involving over 150 countries by 2023.

SID’s significance lies in its holistic approach to digital safety. It
addresses online dangers like cyberbullying, phishing, and privacy breaches
while highlighting positive actions to counter them. Schools,
organizations, and individuals participate in events and activities that
raise awareness and teach practical skills for safe online navigation.
KICTANet remains committed to in building the capacity and awareness of
being digitally safe.

Beyond awareness, KICTANet being a multistakeholder think tank, drives
positive change. It acts as a catalyst for policy adjustments, educational
programs, and community initiatives aimed at building a safer digital
world. Safer Internet Day underscores the need for continuous vigilance and
education in the digital age, reminding everyone of their role in
safeguarding the Internet.

SID emphasizes the importance of secure online practices
especially strong passwords. While often disliked, passwords are crucial
for digital security. Major data breaches occur due to weak password
management, highlighting the need for robust password protocols.

*Kind Regards,*

*David Indeje*

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