Safaricom \’Stealing\’ From Mpesa Users Who Buy Airtime For Subscribers With Okoa Jahazi Debt –

Perhaps the issue could be that we place Safaricom\’s employees and board at
a pedestal that is too high.

I have come to learn the hard way that the mediocrity that is in this
company that is now so entrenched in our economy, is scary. I am not being
dramatic. Kenya\’s core security, financial and communication infrastructure
are in the hands of dunderheads, mostly.

Getting back to the matter at hand, I ask Safaricom to stop this insult.

I keep getting messages of Okoa Jahazi deductions. I did not get any of
these T&C or debt notifications. I bought Airtime for another number a
while ago. Yet see below the messages I received this morning.

[image: safaricom_theft.png]

Also, sometimes I get offers from Safaricom that they will double any
credit amount that I to up…………………



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