Safaricom changes to home fibre ToS

Not sure if you\’ve seen the stir online of changes to the ToS with
Safaricom\’s home offering.
Safaricom is destroying Home Fibre with new ‘Fair Usage’ Limits:

The response from the company has been disappointing in the extreme,
misleading with statistics and suggesting that it\’s best customers are
thieves ,
never mind that working for home has lead to increased demand and use of
their services.

All this is beside the point, at least for this forum, what I\’m concerned
about this that if we didn\’t have an eagle-eyed blogger looking out for
this, it would have been completely missed until it was already in place.

So I have a few of questions:

1. Does the CA have any policies around ToS changes around services
under their purview and how they are communicated to users?
2. Should companies that run what could be considered critical
infrastructure be allowed to arbitrarily change their ToS to apply
retroactively especially if it\’s to the detriment of their customers?
3. If customers choose not to accept a change in ToS what redress do
they have given that perhaps the provider is the only one available in
their area.
4. Finally, given that we know this could all be avoided if there was
more competition in the fibre market, what is the CA doing to make it so
that we have more competition in that area? It\’s concerning that Safaricom
seems to only option for home connections in several places