Role of social media in fighting corruption

In the Anti corruption conference hotelld this week in Nairobi, the role of
social media was discussed at length by the Chief Justice, and the

What caught my tuition was President Uhuru\’s call for the general public
to \”use tools of social media to identify, stigmatize, and report all
instances of corruption that come to their knowledge\”. He also acknowledged
that Kenya has a very vibrant social media landscape.

This is a very interesting observation, and I am wondering what is the role
of social media in fighting corruption, and also admissibility of evidence,
given that some corrupt people are so brazen, they don\’t care about stigma.
What tools are out there to capture corruption instances as they happen? I
know Facebook Live is a very good tool, and it has been used extensively in
US by the public who fear police brutality.


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