Request for Feedback: 5-Year Reflections on Kenya’s Data Protection Act.

On 02/05/2024 13.24, Mildred Achoch via KICTANet wrote:
> Thank you for this opportunity to contribute. Regarding the AI aspect,
> there should be some policies regarding the use of data that will train
> AI. For example, in the case of local languages, which data will be
> used? If data by local language content creators is used, will they be
> compensated?

Many African languages are poorly resourced, some are also endangered.
Language data should be considered a public good as it can enable use of
AI in many settings. It does also enable easier surveillance of people
that use that language. There does not seem to be a government policy
for local languages – even materials for school curricular such as
standard texts and dictionaries are few. Use of local languages at
county level is probably the easiest place to start as there would be a
sufficient concentration of active language users. Languages do divide,
but they also enable diversity in culture and approaches to problem
solving. While the ODPC has a role to play, probably the main
governmental actor is the Ministry of Sports, Culture and National
Heritage. The greatest widespread use of local languages is on radio.

> Regards,
> Mildred.
> On Thursday, May 2, 2024, Barrack Otieno via KICTANet
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> wrote:
> 4. With respect to Technology, AI can help especially using local
> languages to create more awareness (pin yako siri yako kind of
> approach).
> Thank you
> On Thu, May 2, 2024 at 8:17 AM Linda Wairure via KICTANet
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> *Day 4: **_Data Subject Rights, Emerging Issues and Best
> Practices._*
> *Dear Listers,*
> Thank you for providing your expert insights and feedback
> regarding the suggested alterations and recommendations
> concerning the legal framework for data protection. Please
> review the attached document to confirm that all of your
> perspectives of prior discussions have been incorporated. Your
> contribution is greatly appreciated.
> Day 4 of our discussion will center on *data subject rights,
> emerging issues *and *best practices*. We invite you to share
> your insights and reflections on the following questions:
> 1.           *Have you experienced any changes in the way
> state/non-state organizations handle your personal data since
> the implementation of the Data Protection Act, 2019?*
> 2.  *        What are some international best practices or
> benchmarks in data protection regulation and enforcement that
> the ODPC should consider emulating?*
> 3.   *       What recent technological advancement or practice
> do you believe presents the greatest data protection and privacy
> opportunity in Kenya?*
> Your expertise and input are essential in this endeavor, and we
> value your contribution to this vital conversation.
> Please feel free to respond directly to this email with your
> insights. Alternatively, you can reach out to Linda Gichohi
> ( <> ) if
> you have any questions or additional comments. 
> Thank you for your time and consideration. 
> We look forward to your participation.
> Kind regards,
> Linda Gichohi.
> *Kenya ICT Action Network.*