Reminder: Talk2Facebook Webinar Starting at 3:30Pm

Dear Listers,

On behalf of Facebook, I would like to send this short note as an expression of our sincere gratitude for the wonderful engagement we had this afternoon with you. Your questions were great in teasing out important issues which we hope were sufficiently addressed. I would also like to recognise, the excellent facilitation and moderation by KICTANET team led by Walubengo and Kevin Kariuki that resulted in a well-structured and smooth webinar.

As we advised on the call, we have taken note of all the additional questions that popped up on the chat and those that we were constrained by time to answer, and will be sharing responses to those in the report that shall follow shortly. We also welcome your feedback on this Talk2Facebook session via KICTANET.

With Much appreciation!

Mercy Ndegwa
Head of Public Policy, East & Horn of Africa


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Subject: [kictanet] Reminder: Talk2Facebook Webinar Starting at 3:30Pm

Dear Listers,
A few slots remaining for this webinar.

The attached document has the summary questions that Facebook will be responding to, during the 90 mins webinar, we will also pick a few questions from the floor through audio & the zoom chat feature.

A final report will then be compiled after the webinar and shared on the list. Please register via this link in advance:–oqDspHNIAi6zOVxnx7NK9cfcy0x_v<…>

You want to get a better grasp of Facebook? Then join us on time for the 3:30PM webinar! Looking forward to seeing you!

Warm Regards,
Tr. Karis & Walu

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