Register to participate in the 1st Global Editathon Girls in ICT

*Register to participate in the 1st Global Editathon Girls in ICT*

We are organizing the 1st Global Editathon Girls in ICT on Saturday April
28 coordinated between the Women\’s Special Interest Group of the Internet
Society and the Wikimedia Foundation on the occasion of the Day of Girls in
It will be happening at eMobilis Mobile Technology Institute, Westlands at
9am to 12pm.

We will have 11 nodes running in 10 countries: Mexico, Argentina, Pakistan,
Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Cabo Verde, Panama and Peru.

On that day, we will edit the biographies of women: founding, pioneers,
entrepreneurs, developers and leaders in technology from the region.

Ladies in Tech, this is a great opportunity to learn how to edit Wikipedia
pages and put more ladies on the map. I will be doing the keynote speech.
Edna Karijo (my mentee :)⁩ Digital Skills Manager, eMobilis, is the lead
organizer. Entry & Training FREE. Register for the Kenya node on this link,
only a number of places left.


Ida Ng\’ang\’a
Chairman, Membership & Outreach Standing Committee – Internet Society
President – Internet for Development Global Community
Director – Regional Consortium for Development (RCD Africa)
Founder – Network of Young Women Leaders (NYWL) & Fem-Hub