Questions to FB on WhatsApp Privacy

Thank you listers for the discussions so far. The discussion threads for
Tuesday and Wednesday are still open. You can also send your questions by
email to mwaragichanga@gmail.come and we will compile with those one the

So far some of the questions we\’ve had were about:
1. Why FB is applying is privacy policies differently across regions while
they have similar data protection laws.
2. How Facebook is applying the general principles of data protection.
3. Concerns by people who have started seeing changes in the FB timelines
and whatsapp. Has facebook started effecting these changes for those who
accepted? (Question by Wangu and Barrack)
4. What do the new updates really entail? A lot has been said about the
updates such that it is difficult to pinpoint the truth. FB can also break
this down during the webinar.
5. How do these changes impact on digital rights?

We are also compiling those that came out as opinions so that FB can
clarify during the webinar.