PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: Call for Input on Draft Kica Amendment Bill 2023

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Converted to plain text asciidoc format for easier reading on energy and
price efficient electronic devices.

Initial comment is that given the rise of the internet and online
streaming platforms, it seems almost anybody can broadcast either into
or out of Kenya. As such, the role of traditional airwave broadcast
media will decline as internet connectivity improves. Some of the
amendments therefore seem, backward and not forward looking.

Might there be interest in using an online forum to solicit feedback? In
particular, one can make it easy for people to read and comment on the
full proposed act, not just the amended clauses. The approach of
individual groups sending comments by email to the ministry does scale
well, allow for much exchange of ideas or allow the general public to
view and comment on other submissions. Forum software such as Decidim
(, is much more effective for this. Could even
write/deploy a simple PHP based forum to allow for this exchange. Maybe
county governments could also use such solutions to enable more
inclusive efficient citizen driven governance.

On 4/18/23 12:18, David Indeje via KICTANet wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Digital Economy is
> inviting views from the public on the Kenya Information Communication
> Amendment Bill 2023. (Attached).
> KICTANet will make an input into the proposed amendments. As a result,
> in the spirit of multistakeholderism, if you are interested to be a part
> of the lean team, kindly notify me via mail. At the same time, you can
> also share your comments as a reply to this email which we shall compile.
> The ministry’s *deadline is not later than 8th May 2023.¬†*
> *
> *
> *Kind Regards,*
> **
> *David Indeje*
> *KICTANet Communications 
> *_____________________________________