– proper representation during vision formulation is what is missing – Konza City is now 10 years old

Hi John,
Many thanks for your prompt response and for taking this discussion
seriously. I think there is need for greater engagement with
stakeholders to ensure this picture remains ingrained in our hearts
and minds. You have certainly started of on the right path. From the
interview with Capital FM , it appears you have managed to raise
significant funding (KES 39 Billion).
I have noticed that you have had special days for Policy Makers to
make site visits. Can you organize something similar for the Policy
and Tech practitioners on KICTANet and Skunkworks in partnership with
KICTAnet?. This is a great conversation that should continue. From the
Interview, you say that the critical thing for the project is to take
off and not completion which i beg to disagree with even though it
answers the question Washington is asking on whether Konza is dead or
Thank you once again for your respone
On 1/4/19, John Tanui via kictanet <kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
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> Great comments and suggestions are noted here. The interest is appreciated
> and we look forward to engaging all our stakeholders especially the tech
> community.
> As the person leading the team on implementation of this project, let me
> give a brief status on the project.
> Konza Technopolis project is on, it\’s now moving from planning to
> implementation stage. In 2018 two key progress made is the start of the
> implementation of  the horizontal infrastructure on phase 1, first building
> approaching completion and bringing onboard a design consultant for the
> research institute to be based at Konza.
> Below are two recent interviews capturing the latest on the project
> hapakenya.com/2018/12/07/ceo-fridays-kotdas-john-tanui-on-konza-city-as-the-future-of-innovation-and-technology-in-kenya/
> https://youtu.be/rgr4tQtSzJw
> Just like the growth history of some of the world leading innovation
> spaces/science parks, Konza Technopolis has a long way to go, it\’s journey
> is still at the early stages but now taking shape.
> Below is some lessons from one of the world\’s leading science and technology
> park  – the research triangle park
> www.dartmouth.edu/~jtscott/Papers/00-22.pdf
> There are other different examples of how such innovation and technology
> spaces have developed which we can learn from as we fast track bring the
> dream of Konza Technopolis into reality. Some include the great and long
> history of of the silicon Valley, the shenzhen city of China and the Korea\’s
> great transformation  journey which happened in one generation.
> Regards
> Eng. John Tanui

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