Private data (requests) or jobs

The key thing is \’purpose\’.
Is the request for private data fit for purpose? If the answer is yes, then the request for consent is in order.
With regard to employment, I want to believe the prospective employer has a right to check out your background. That\’s why CVs used to ask for 3 Referees¬† (not sure if they still do ūüėČ
Additionally, depending on the sensitivity of the post, you will be asked for CID Clearance, Credit Check, Anti-Corruption Reports, Tax Returns, Birth Cert, ID na kadhalika.
If its a supermarket or a hospital or university asking for this data, you can sue them and win. 
But if its a prospective employer asking for this private data and you sue them, you are unlikely to win the case since their right to do due diligence to protect the company from hiring suspicious employees supersedes your right to hide your data.
+ you retain your right NOT to apply if you feel the data request is an overkill.
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This is a can of worms that the data protection act opened.

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Hi Meshack, 
My feeling is that at least they have the decency to ask her consent. This is because these kinds of investigations are happening¬†whether we have been told they will or not. And the other perspective is that upon employment, we give out as much information as possible obviously¬†because well, we need the job and we don\’t at that point hold back any information. So I wouldn\’t perceive it as the Company buying information…
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A colleague of mine has just been given several consent forms to sign from HR. They pertain to allowing a company called Peleza to investigate her background.
Р Is this morally right that two companies can trade information (Private) for jobs?
Р Does it mean that this company literally buying private information about its employees to guarantee their retention? 
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