Online Discussions: Regulation of Digital Hailing Services

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

As promised, we are going to conduct online discussions on the Digital
Hailing Services Regulations in the transport Sector.The discussions will
be divided into 3 parts as per the document:
1. Licensing of the digital Hailing Service Operators
2. Licensing of Digital Hailing Service Vehicle
3. Licensing of Digital Hailing Service Driver

*On Monday*, we will talk about the licensing of the Service Operators
under part 1 of the regulations, and the regulations as a whole. Here are
some of the questions we will seek to answer:

a. Are the regulations necessary?
b. Is NTSA the right/best body to regulate Digital Hailing Transport
c. What are the likely impacts in the transport industry, Information
Society Sector and gig economy? etc
d. Should multinationals be subjected to different licensing requirements?

*On Tuesday* we will talk about the rules and responsibilities of car
owners and drivers under part 2 and 3.

Looking forward to lively discussions.
Bon Weekend.