Online discussion on social-economic impact of broadband in Kenya

Mwendwa, thanks for info.

As we address this let this also look into how to get the unconnected
connected. We have a big section of the population still unconnected
despite the ongoing inititatives.


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> Dear Listers,
> IDC is conducting an assessment on the state of play and impact of
> broadband in Kenya, broadly looking at the socio-economic impact on
> consumers, businesses and various sectors like agriculture, education,
> healthcare, finance and government. This assessment has been commissioned
> by Huawei in collaboration with Ministry of ICT and the Communications
> Authority. It has the overarching objective of supporting the policy making
> process to develop broadband services and infrastructure throughout Kenya
> and achieve substantial economic impact in the economy. Other partners in
> the study include the ICT Authority and the National Communications
> Secretariat.
> The assessment will involve a review of the current state of play in the
> sector as well as gaining insights from a wide range of stakeholders on the
> barriers and recommendations to increasing the impact of broadband. Among
> the key stakeholders identified include KICTANET, from whose members IDC
> will seek to gain civil society and other stakeholder perspectives
> including real life examples of impact of broadband, challenges we face in
> increasing impact of broadband and recommendations on interventions needed
> to address the challenges identified. This will be conducted as an online
> debate facilitated and moderated by KICTANET from 23rd to 26th April 2019.
> Through the online discussion, we will also seek to understand the current
> state of play of broadband in Kenya, including:
> 1. What barriers are there in increasing impact of broadband?
> 2. What recommendations can counter the barriers in increasing impact
> of broadband?
> 3. How is the sector regulated and what policies are in place? How is
> the business environment for those who want to venture into provision of
> broadband services?
> 4. How do we create the skills and demand and use cases for broadband?
> 5. What local content is there and is it having an impact or not? What
> type of local content are we lacking?
> 6. How are users and businesses benefiting from broadband?
> 7. Any other issues.
> Please note that lister may add any other issue on broadband that come to
> mind. After the discussion, a summary report will be developed by KICTANET
> which will subsequently be validated during a face to face meeting. IDC
> will incorporate relevant findings into the broadband market assessment.
> Sincerely,
> ______________________
> Mwendwa Kivuva.
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