Hi Mark,

How do you counter an opinion without tabling documents that are in your
I am of the opinion that for us to believe CA, the best CA can do is table
the budgets for scrutiny – and I am assuming CA\’s budgets are public
document. Is it?i
Can we see those based on \”freedom of access to information\”??

Without tabling any hard facts to counter Jaindi\’s \”opinion\”, even your
setatement becomes just another opinion, IMHO.
Since CA uses taxpayers money, please show us your budgets for the periods
mentioned. Then we can take Jaindi to task to produce what he has. One of
the two – CA and Jaindi – is telling the truth.

On 18 January 2018 at 12:33, Mark O. Okuttah <okuttah@ca.go.ke> wrote:

> Dear listers kindly find the attached CA’s responses on an opinion
> piece appearing in the Daily Nation on 17th January 2018 titled
> “Wangusi’s woes may be about big bucks, giant project at CA” .
> Regards,
> Mark Okuttah.
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> Oh, the \”Guptas\”!
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>> Wangusi’s woes may be about big bucks, giant projects at CA
>> www.nation.co.ke/oped/opinion/Wangusi-woes-may-be-abo
>> ut-big-bucks-giant-projects-CA/440808-4266268-xvtwap/index.html
>> Listers this is worrying. There must be transparency at the CA. Who
>> spends almost half a billion on laptops every year for so few staff?
>> Touched not typed, excuse typos
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