hits the Kshs 1 billion (or $9.7m) mark in the premium domain auction of the .ke second level domain launch (Warning: This could be #FakeNews :-) )

Dear Ali and Washington,
I can see you want KeNIC to be a billion dollar organization 🙂
My comment on is that, we have just started rolling out the second level Dot ke domains. In fact we are yet to reach general availability for us to gauge how the registrants are able to juggle between the 3rd level and 2nd level domains. We need to give the market some time to settle with the new product.
My feeling is that for the time being, remain reserved as it is the major flagship of KeNIC, which gives extensions to most business organisation. Putting it out for auction will expose KeNIC to serious litigation from all the 3rd level owners. I appreciate the various suggestion put forward how the risk can be reduced by having an agreement forbidding creation of sub domains of
But for the time being, let us roll out the rest of the 2nd level domains and reserve the We may open up discussion in future on how to handle it after the market has got used to the current 2nd levels ready for uptake.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

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