MIT announced the hiring of Epstein on April 24 as its first humanist chaplain

Yes, interesting that the industry is on the humane approach now.
It all goes back after going round and round…..
What techworld is learning now is that the traditional values, traditional ethics still apply and are expected of business. Notwithstanding what one believes that they believe in, the basis of creation still goes back to what is good for humanity. Even the first Creator made for good. 
Traditional business sectors have steered away from this with we industry moguls, governments authorities and business closing an eye for the profit. e.g medical; fake and harmful drugs, manufacturing; fake , Agri; fake harmful produce, value chain; unaccountable.

Why this deserves due attention is because a heavy price has been paid by the citizens – ignorant,unaware, too overwhelmed, who rely on their governments to protect them.
Be blessed.