Lawsuit against Facebook to end its illegal monopoly


Thanks for sharing. This lawsuit recommends the break up of Facebook.

My humble opinion below.

These are extreme measures by lazy Policy Makers and Regulators who have a
political ax to grind.

History has shown that breaking up companies is not a solution. The breakup
of Standard Oil in 1911 should have taught everyone a lesson. The solution
is Policy and Regulatory interventions that stop companies from behaving
like it\’s the Wild Wild West. Here are a few thoughts:-

(1) Stop acquisitions that create unholy moats around companies.
(2) Heavy fines for misbehaving in the marketplace. Like the Kill Zones
for startups that Big Tech has created. Heavy fines that would impact their
balance sheets. ile iwe funzo, not a few billion dollars that amount to a
rounding error in their balance sheets.
(3) Ban executives who misbehave from ever working in the industry again.
(4) Initiatives to limit State Capture by these corporations.

My two cowrie shells.

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