KONZA: The failed promise of Kenya’s smart city


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Listers, even the best-laid plans can miss their targets. I\’d rather we

1. What went wrong.
2. What are the lessons to be learned.
3. Can the project get back on track?
4. Has it gone wrong? How long does it take to build a new city?


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> Grace
> Kenya was one of the earliest countries to outsource its dreaming to
> McKinsey. The entire Vision 2030 strategy was developed by the Kenyan
> government in conjunction with McKinsey & Company, with Konza being one of
> many techno-utopian urban renewal projects the firm was involved in. At
> first, most were undertaken in Asia, then, in the 2000s, the focus shifted
> to African countries, which were seen as growth markets for big tech and
> financial corporations.
> …the McKinseyfication of government and federal services often means
> that the mere production of paperwork counts as progress. …The question
> then becomes, Who is responsible for the failure of Konza?”
> Read on:
> restofworld.org/2021/the-failed-promise-of-kenyas-smart-city/
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