KONZA: The failed promise of Kenya’s smart city

Probably the most successful such project (where the original aim was
productive people) is Shenzhen:

More background on this process in general in China (though probably
studies in Mandarin may better capture important details):

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> Kenya was one of the earliest countries to outsource its dreaming to
> McKinsey. The entire Vision 2030 strategy was developed by the Kenyan
> government in conjunction with McKinsey & Company, with Konza being one
> of many techno-utopian urban renewal projects the firm was involved in.
> At first, most were undertaken in Asia, then, in the 2000s, the focus
> shifted to African countries, which were seen as growth markets for big
> tech and financial corporations.
> …the McKinseyfication of government and federal services often means
> that the mere production of paperwork counts as progress. …The
> question then becomes, Who is responsible for the failure of Konza?”
> Read on:
> restofworld.org/2021/the-failed-promise-of-kenyas-smart-city/
> <restofworld.org/2021/the-failed-promise-of-kenyas-smart-city/>
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