Konza City is now 10 years old

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Unfortunately as they take the long term you have recommend competition catches up with them.

I am always amazed when I visit the Sameer park on Mombasa road and see the amount of IT happening.

We are also seeing lots of other innovation and IT hubs coming up in other locations


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Personally I do not think it was a white elephant; great ideas mature over the long term -> cant take 10-50 years.

Rome was not built on a single day – the project needs support from techies like us and investors.

Konza being of National interest should be a phased 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 …. year planned development approach.

Partly I would blame the land/property rush experienced in Kenya btw 2009 – 2012 ; guys inflated prices and no one was there to regulate – this might have had negative effects some investors planning to go in considering investors look at ROI which is key to any investment. I cannot see the math of buying land for 50k and selling it at 800k -> this was obviously not sustainable; where does such capital come from ? Virtual loans ?

Konza and many other projects are still very viable in Kenya and I have high hopes my only plea is for the Govt to be at the core of things like Land, Property and Infrastructure from unjustifiable exploits -> this way it will encourage investors to settle creating more Jobs which equates to good security, a healthy and sustainable economic growth.

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Hello listers,

Does anyone know what activities are going on at the famed Konza City or it\’s one of those big white elephants??

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It was obvious that Konza City was a con job from the get go. Concentrations of industrial excellence do not sprout up suddenly just because physical buildings and infrastructure are around. That is not the bottleneck, and anyone can provide that. The real battles of realizing something like the proposed Konza city are elsewhere.