KICTANet\’s new website: Call for comments

Thank you Barrack,

Thats a valid point. As you mentioned people may need to dig deeper to find
out more on that. Most bounce rates originate from the impression on the
landing page. I agree its a useful resource for those in the know. But
maybe what can we improve from the landing page that grabs someones
attention as to the agenda of the initiative?

Il give an example. The info about kictanet involves you scrolling down and
is somewhat overshadowed by the top sliding banner. Which is OK. It only
means that the messaging on the banner then needs to push info out that
gives a good impression what Kictanet is. If we can compell people to
understand the key mandate from the landing page we can get following from
anonymous new users.

Anyway. Just some suggestions as to why I raised my comments 🙂

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