Kenya\’s Criminal Justice System Goes Digital

Dear listers.

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This week, \’hayawi hayawi huwa\’ (Anything long-anticipated comes to
realisation) Kenya judiciary went digital with also the Office of Director
of Public Prosecution also developed and integrated its case management and
document tracking system to the judiciary\’s Electronic Filing System.

The judiciary disclosed that the E-filing system will generate the
necessary impetus to fully integrate ICT into all justice processes to
enhance efficiency.

The Components of E-Filing include
1) E-Case Registration
2) E-payment
3) E-Case Search
4) E- Calendar
5) E-Service

Listers, we also need to be cognizant that, some of the measures the
judiciary had to adopt was as a result of Kictanet\’s memorandum \’Proposals
to the Judiciary on the Use of Video Conferencing in Judicial Proceedings
during the Covid-19 Pandemic.\’

Some juice from the event is that Chief Registrar disclosed that since the
introduction of the electronic payment system in the financial year
2013/14, Judiciary\’s revenues shot from about 500 million in the previous
year to over 2.1 billion.

NB: Who else is waiting to see what the Lands Ministry will emerge with
after digitizing all land records in 66 registries by end of the year? We
should not forget of the planned Ngong Forest evictions.

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